•  KaneKane
    • Hello folks,

      Anyone out there know about or is involved with the new DESERTSCENE.CO.UK site that is soon to emerge, I know that they are involved in the Dozer/Truckfighter tour in November but thats about it.
    •  WickedWesticleWickedWesticle
    • They seems to be doing pretty well on Facebook generating some content. Don't know anything about them though.
    •  ms tinnitusms tinnitus
    • Ditto, there is'nt much info about them available. I received a friend request from them on FB some time back, but seems the big launch is Nov (at the Dozer show).

      Below is the blurb from their myspace page...

      " is coming soon. We are are looking for bands and fans to feature on the site that will launch November 09. Become a friend and be part of the biggest dedicated site for all that's downtuned and fuzzed out! Desertscene will be showcasing the best bands across the UK and Europe. Stoner, psychedelic, doom, downtuned, dirty fuzzed out riffs whatever! The desert may be reference to the Californian bands of the early nineties such as Kyuss and Fu Manchu and we believe we speak for most when we pay tribute to these bands. I'm sure todays bands have and will take much from these pioneers, but the the exciting thing is the new wave being thrown up at the moment. These bands are carving their own paths and cementing their own names forever in the history of one of the most respected scenes in music and we want to give these guys a home! are searching for the cream of this new wave to feature on what will be the most significant genre specific site the scene has known!"
    •  JackJack
    • Not sure who the people are that are involved but they seem to be working hard on it going on facebook activity. Only thing I dislike is the name, seems strange calling it desert scene when we dont have any desert over here in the UK. I know it's the Kyuss reference etc but maybe makes it sound a little too focused on one type of sound
    •  WickedWesticleWickedWesticle
    • True but you gotta call it something and the desert sound is a gateway into stoner and all associated genres.
    •  seansean
    • i like them ,i hope to get involved maybe get a gig and a review.
    •  OllieOllie
    • I've already spoken to them about reviewing I am a reviewing whore!!!!
    •  MarekMarek
    • Interesting, hope they put on more bands than their friends, which has been the way the Underworld has been for years
    •  seansean
    • well if its a friends thing , we will probably get ignored ,but there is no harm in trying.but i shall get myself across to the london gig.interested in seeing dozer ,i like what i have heard.
    •  PodgePodge
    • er... does some one want to point them here?

      seems silly to have more people working against each other
    •  MarekMarek
    • I made friends on Facebook, can't really work out who is running it...
    •  seansean
    • i know that they are london based so that would be good for me,i have sent some stuff ,biog, some unmastered tracks and they want to see us.
      so from band point of view its nice that they are keen ,so hopefully they will do lot for bands that dont usually get noticed .

      but truckfighters and dozer is good start ,will they give up and coming a bands a start ,we hope they will.
    •  JackJack
    • i have an email address i can find, they asked about co promoting gigs a while back
    •  mambamamba
    • Dozer have cancelled their UK shows, due to going on 'indefinite hiatus'. Not sure what that means for Truckfighters.
    •  JackJack
    • that sucks, feel bad for desertscene
    •  BiledriverBiledriver
    • GAH!

      First Pentagram now Dozer, anyone else? Nuts, I was proper excited for Dozer. Bugger. Etc.
    •  mambamamba
    • Nebula cancelled their tour too.
    •  RamoRamo
    • Bah! am sure they'll draft someone equally awesome in though.
    •  MarekMarek
    • Nebula as well? Jees!
    •  StickmanStickman
    • mamba says:
      Dozer have cancelled their UK shows, due to going on 'indefinite hiatus'. Not sure what that means for Truckfighters.

      Truckfighters were recently inquiring in the US about booking agencies, so they might be trying to cover the canceled dates however they can.

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