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Since 2004 has been a collaborative forum of reviews, articles and a place to discuss music.

Starting from 2012, ninehertz will be extending its genre coverage and stepping up its reviews. No longer just stoner rock, doom and the assorted sub-genres, (although we still love them) we want to include hardcore, punk, noise, experimental music and folk and everything in between too.

Join us in discussion of these reviews via the forum, get talking to each other and above all, be open minded.

We are open to submissions, simply use the GET INVOLVED link, we can't promise to use everything submitted, but if we do, you will be credited.

Equally, live music is important to us, submit your live dates in a similar way, and even better, start a thread about it on the forum.

ninehertz gigs

Since starting ninehertz back in 2004 we've been affiliated with and put on a few gigs of our own. Read a quick history of these gigs here.

ninehertz compilations

With more than a little help from our friends, ninehertz have released three compilations of the finest in stoner/doom/whatever.

Find out more and download tracks here

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