ninehertz gigs

A quick round up of gigs ninehertz has put on or been affiliated with. Click on the images to see the flyers full size.

  • Flyer 26/05/0526th May 2005, Chinnery's, Southend-on-Sea
    Truckfighters, Obiat, Jecano, El Camino Supacharger
  • Flyer 27/05/0527th May 2005, The Shed, Leicester
    Truckfighters, Sada, Outburst ,El Camino Supacharger
  • Flyer 07/07/057th July 2005, Chinnerys, Southend-on-Sea, Essex
    Whoremoan, El Camino Supacharger, Re'member, Good Cop Bad Cop
  • Flyer 02/08/052nd August 2005, D'n'R Live, Sheffield
    ninehertz live and The Ghost of Lady Grey Promotions present Future Ex-Wife, As the Tide Consumes, Vat of Fat, Flatlands, Castor/Troy
  • Flyer 30/08/0530th August 2005, Cornwall
    Hedge Dweller, Grifter
  • Flyer 01/10/051st October 2005, D'n'R Live, Sheffield
    Dirty Blood, Outburst, Mothertrucker, Grifter
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  • Flyer 28/10/0528th October 2005, The Black Cat, Bradford on Avon
    Gallipoli Records Presents "Heaviosity II" - Iron Hearse, Sada, Anticlimax, De-Alamaine
  • Flyer 23/11/0523rd November 2005, The Sunrooms, Southend
    Gardenia Sky, Red Nettle, Five Point Buck
  • Flyer 13/01/0613th January 2006, The Black Cat, Bradford on Avon
    Gallipoli Records Presents "Heaviosity III" - Sharp End First, Mothertrucker, Grifter, Unstable Dream
  • Flyer 28/01/0628th January 2006, D'n'R Live, Sheffield
    Among the Missing, Koresh, Flatlands, Bring Out Your Dead
  • Flyer 17/02/0617th February 2006, The Cricketers Arms, Sheffield
    Red Right Hand, Monster Killed By Laser, Graine, IX, Flatlands
  • Flyer 11/04/0611th April 2006, The Grapes, Sheffield
    Men in Search of The Perfect Weapon, Like A Kind of Matador, Flatlands, Embers Burnt
  • Flyer 30/04/0630th April 2006, The Underworld, London
    A Road to Ruin Bank Holiday Special - Orange Goblin, Ramesses, Sourvein, Olde Crone, Jecano
  • Flyer 10/05/0610th May 2006, Bullingdon Arms
    Truckfighters, Sextodecimo, Obiat, Gunn Bunny
  • Flyer 12/05/0612th May 2006, The Black Cat, Bradford on Avon
    Gallipoli present "Heaviousity V" - Truckfighters, Suns of Thunder, Among the Missing, Battlewitch
  • Flyer 16/05/0616th May 2006, The Grapes, Sheffield
    Truckfighters, Future Ex Wife, Mothertrucker, Wounded Marsupial
  • Flyer Josiah Tour & ninehertz present Josiah live across the UK October 2006
  • Flyer 19/10/0619th October 2006, The Cricketers Arms, Sheffield
    Castor Troy, Flatlands, Narwhal, Cobra Reynolds, Tider Warsaw
  • Flyer 22/10/0622nd October 2006, The Grapes, Sheffield
    Josiah, Gentlemans Pistols, Dirty Blood
  • Flyer 28/10/0628th-31st October 2006, The Underworld, London
    Sabotage promotions (in association with and ninehertz) presents All Hallows Festival - The Gates of Slumber, Reverend Bizarre, Centurions Ghost, Josiah, Jecano, Gentlemans Pistols, Raising Sand, Church of Misery, Sourvein, Olde Crone
  • Flyer 17/02/0717th February 2007, The Cricketers Arms, Sheffield
    Team Tall and ninehertz present Corleone, Chickenhawk, Vessles, Hey Colossus, Flatlands, SikaRedem, Sunshine Republic, Above us the Waves, Calf by Calf, Kraschenbern, Crystal Teet Heart, The Ocean Fracture
  • Flyer 23/02/0723rd February 2007, The Cricketers Arms, Sheffield
    Agent of the Morai, Berserkowitz, The Death of Her Money, Six Foot Squirrels, Beehoover, Stuntcock
  • Flyer 19/05/0719th May 2007, The Cricketers Arms, Sheffield
    End of Level Boss, Throw Stephanie in the Incinerator, Electric Mud Generator, Crystal Teet Heart, Berzerkowitz
  • Flyer 25/05/0725th May 2007, The Racehorse, Northapmton
    Obiat, Domes of Silence, Deuello, Good Cop Bad Cop
  • Flyer Dexter Jones tour 07Dexter Jones Circus Orchestra & Josiah - UK Tour 2007
  • Flyer 02/06/072nd June 2007, The Cricketers Arms, Sheffield
    Dexter Jones Circus Orchestra & Josiah, Double No No , Stop that Astornaut
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  • Flyer 27/07/0727th July 2007, Junction, Bristol
    Land of Nod presents Grifter, Suns of Thunder, Stubb
  • Flyer 28/07/0728th July 2007, The Cricketers Arms, Sheffield
    ninehertz alldayer - Grifter, Bad Date, Suns of Thunder, Witchsorrow, Naked Shit, Flatlands, Stubb, Outburst, Domes of Silence, Rob Himself, Truckdriver Jr
  • Flyer 20/10/0720th October 2007, The Red House, Sheffield
    Toner Low, Berserkowitz, Aluna, Dogsnest
  • Flyer 27/10/0727th & 28th October 2007, The Underworld, London
    Sabotage Promotions in association with ninehertz & Rise Above Records present All Hallows festival - Alabama Thunderpussy, Firebird, Olde Crone, Leafhound, Litmus, Gentlemans Pistols, Earthling Society
  • Flyer 07/04/087th April 2008, The Red House, Shef field
    Gentlemans Pistols, Suns Of Thunder, Double No No, Bomb The Sun
  • Flyer 29/01/0829th January 2008, The Red House, Sheffield
    Pilgrim Fathers, Gentlemans Pistols, Dirtyblood, Threads
  • Flyer 09/05/089th May 2008, The Casbah, Sheffield
    ninehertz & Team Tall with Hand Of Grief present - Lazarus Blackstar, Gloomy Sunday, Black Sun, They Are Cowards, Berserkowitz
  • Flyer 18/09/0818th September 2008, The Grapes, Sheffield
    Flatlands, Stand Up Guy, Rachmanite, Pupliar
  • Flyer 04/10/084th October 2008, The Red House, Sheffield
    The Kevorkian Solution, Hey Colossus, Moloch, Rachmanite
  • Flyer 29/11/0829th November 2008, The Red House, Sheffield
    ninehertz 4th Birthday Gig - Chickenhawk, Agent of the Morai, Breaking Colts, The Death Of Her Money, Berserkowitz
  • Flyer 02/08/082nd August 2008, The Underworld, London
    ninehertz alldayer - Rachmanite, Olde Crone, White Fang, Cherry Choke, Suns Of Thunder, Grifter, A Horse Called War, End Of Level Boss, Gentlemans Pistols
  • Flyer 08/08/098th August 2009, The Shakespeare, Sheffield
    ninehertz alldayer - Electric Mud Generator with Timothy C Holehouse, Low Sonic Drift, Jesus of Spazzareth, A Horse Called War, Berserkowitz, Tiger Warsaw, Flatlands, Rob Himself, Koresh, Grifter, Outburst