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Wiltshire Weekend

    •  ms tinnitusms tinnitus
    • I need some suggestions on where to stay over for a Wiltshire weekend. Taking the American fella to Stonehenge in two weeks time, and thought it would be nice to stay over somewhere quaint and quintessential eeenglish. Any advice / suggestions?
    •  JackJack
    • Its a lovely town, very pretty
    •  OllieOllie
    • It is nice and very close to Bath which is an amazing city...very picturesque and lots of history.
    •  MazzMazz
    • It was made even prettier last Sunday morning around 2am with Heavy Metal Jim and I stumbling back to my house through the deserted streets while feeling as high as a goose.
    •  WillisWillis
    • The Tithe Barn in Bradford was Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe's favourite British building.
    •  MazzMazz
    • Just been speaking to Jim..he went to the Saxon church after leaving my house yesterday and he said he had a flash back from our walk home the night before.

      I ran over the bridge and shouted "RING A DING DING, RING A DING DING, THE RIVERS UP! THE RIVERS UP! TAKE TO THE HILLS" before stopping and having a laughing fit. I forgot about this.

      I'm 34 this month.
    •  OllieOllie
    • Lacock is quite nice for a little visit. Not only does it contain the word cock in the name it's a lovely little village and the abbey is where William Fox Talbot first invented photography as we know it. It's a place that's been used in a few period dramas as a setting as it's reasonably unspoiled.
    •  WillisWillis
    • L.A. Cock
    •  ms tinnitusms tinnitus
    • Excellent, thanks everyone!!
      Ollie I've been to Lacock when I first came to the UK, and totally forgot about it :)
    •  sabbathfansabbathfan
    • Make sure you have time to visit Avebury, Silbury Hill and the West Kennett Long Barrow - all three are brilliant.

      Salisbury is good for a visit too.
    •  ms tinnitusms tinnitus
    • will do, thanks!!

      You can apply to walk amongst the stones through English Heritage, but it's fully booked till end of May!
      Luckily Avebury is still full access and less people.

      Cheers everyone.
    •  OllieOllie
    • Yeah Stonehenge can be a bit of a disappointment as mostly you can't get near it and have to pay loads to walk "near" it. Avebury is awesome and yep, Silbury Hill and West Kennet are cool. I read an amazing book about the links between Avebury, Silbury Hill and West Kennet...apparently they're all part of a huge complex of interlinked neolothic sites in the area. If you stand on top of West Kennet long barrow and look directly through the entrance stones there's another site a few miles away called the Sanctuary whci was a circular structure built to exactly the same diameter as Silbury Hill. These guys certainly had their maths sorted. Also the stones at Avebury are cool...there are fatter diamond shaped ones that represent the fertile female form and longer phallic shaped ones to represent the male. It's a much more interesting place if you do some research first then you can see it come alive.
    •  MazzMazz
    • ..If you're lucky there will be some druids doing strange stuff. We stumbled across a mother earth ceremony on a random day. Lot's of big women chanting n stuff.

      Also the Red Lion pub is pretty awesome and pretty haunted.

      I usually got to Avebury with Willis on the Summer solstice but did not go last year.
    •  BiledriverBiledriver
    • There's definitely some weird thing occurring in or around Avebury on the 20th March. My cousin has a starring role playing the Tibetan Singing Bowl in it this year.
    •  sabbathfansabbathfan
    • The Avebury area seems to have been the site of an incredibly important and widespread neolithic religious site, there is so much stuff there.

      I went on a guided tour of the general Stonehenge/Avebury area a couple of years ago and part of that involved going in amongst the stones at Stonehenge at 8 in the morning. [I'd been around the outside a couple of times before but not into the centre]. All I can say of the experience is that it's possibly the most powerful place I've ever been to. The aura/energy of being in the centre of the monument was so good and so strong I couldn't put it into words.
    •  OllieOllie
    • Glastonbury is pretty awesome as well. Go up the tor and visit the Chalice Well at the base of it.
    •  ms tinnitusms tinnitus
    • cannot wait!! thanks everyone!
    •  Th@ GuyTh@ Guy
    • I lurk on here far more often than i post, for that i apologise. I just thought i'd chip in with my ten penneth worth - a couple of years ago I did the summer solstice/stonehenge thing and it was a riotously good time. absolutely loved it. A few of the people I was with were quite into their Neolithic history/Mayans/conspiracy theories and they provided me with some fairly interesting yet completely forgettable information regarding the stones and their history.... this is likely to be due to my mushroom muddled mind at the time (I blame a petite french lady with pointy ears)... One thing I will say is that a chum of mine, who is one of the most anti spiritual and cynically un-hippy people I know, did spend a good 2 hours with his head wedged between two boulders meditating whilst attending this cosmic/great excuse for a mind boggle of an evening.

      If you get the chance, grasp it.

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