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Conan confirmed for Desertfest

    •  DanLargeDanLarge
    • You thought Godflesh were heavy. You thought Neurosis were heavy. You thought Sunn0))) were heavier still. But you certainly didn’t count on three darkness-drenched barbarians from Liverpool plugging into a fortress of amps, tuning down to drop-F and drone-riffing you even further into the void.
      Conan have been re-defining the verb “to doom” since 2006 across two critic-crushing records, ‘Horseback Battle Hammer’ and ‘Monnos’, plus a truly bulldozing split with Slomatics. Having played with everyone from Ramesses to Sleep and Eyehategod (and usually at the headliners’ requests), Conan bring their tales of swamp battles, slain minotaurs, mutant snails and dying giants to London’s DesertFest for the very first time. Bring your ear-plugs and your shit-eating grins to hail the mighty Conan… We ain’t kiddin’ about those ear-plugs.
      Conan is another addition to the Human Disease/ When Planets Collide stage on Sunday 28th April, which is looking pretty mean already.
      Words courtsey of Pete Green
    •  memnonmemnon
    • Awesome band.
      Without ANY doubt whatsoever, the loudest band I've ever heard live!!
      Double underline under the earplugs bit!
    •  PetePete
    • I've not had the pleasure of Conan live yet, although they're playing Sheffield in less than a month's time.

      Loudest bands I've seen are Taint, Levien, Mistress, Blutch and Metallica, but the winner is Slomatics. When they were sound checking for their gig at the Cricketers in Sheffield it practically shook the building and prompted stern words from the landlady.
      [Edited by Pete at 00:26 on 03/11/12]
    •  memnonmemnon
    • Haha yeah, Slomatics deffo come in a close 2nd for me, awesome band! Saw them the same night as Conan.
      Pure deef !
    •  pull-my-plonkerpull-my-plonker
    • DesertFest is looking amazing for me so far. Headliners to come too...
    •  mambamamba
    • It's not amazing for me yet, but there's enough on there for me to be buying my ticket next week. I'm sure there will be plenty more to come.
    •  MazzMazz
    • Trebuchet for Sunday's headliners
    •  JackJack
    • There's more good stuff to come
    •  mambamamba
    • Jack says:
      There's more good stuff to come

      I'm sure.

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