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New Koresh EP/Album

    •  bad admiralbad admiral
    • Koresh will be heading into No Recording Studio in early October to record our new, as yet untitled, EP/Album (not sure what 9 songs in 18 minutes constitutes).

      This may well be the last recording we make for a goodly while as Paul is moving to Singapore for the forseeable future, Donny and Morrell are soon to be entering Nappy Valley, McGhee is busy on Turbojugend business and I'm fannying about with whatever it is I'm fannying about with.

      We've decided not to call it a day and plans are afoot for annual K-resh get-togethers, but as of the end of October, we will very much be on hiatus indefinitely.

      Many thanks for the support over the years, floors and sofas we've crashed on, kebab houses you've taken us to, beer you've fed us, breakfasts you've cooked, cats you let Donny rape, bills you've stuck us on, sexual harrassment charges that you were convinced to drop, inappropriate touching you let us sort of get away with and general poor behaviour that you put up with from us.

      If you bought, borrowed, copied or stole the album, hope you liked it - do the same with the next one and pass it around (I'm sure Donny will send his hatchet man out after me for encouraging illegal downloading).

      More details on releases and shit to follow. Stay tooned.

      Big Love x

      We'll be back.
    •  HopkinsHopkins
    • i will always cherish the lovebite you gave me in the name of k-resh
    •  MazzMazz
    • Fuck the K.
    • Good riddance to bad odour!

      Any plans to play live before splitsville/hiatusville?
    •  bosskeloidbosskeloid
    • If you do a live gig give us GURT boys a shout.... we would love to play wit ya!!
    •  bad admiralbad admiral
    • was that fuck rottingham or that gig where we dressed as kiss? oh lordy lordy, that was a terrible night...

      i don't think we will be gigging, which does kind of suck but none of us have the time before we go gently into that dark night.

      yeah and mazz...the K would fuck you straight back. vince neil style. so literally would FUCK "you".

      and by "you" i mean "ladies". and by "lades" i mean Mazz. :lips:;):cigar::blush:
    •  bad admiralbad admiral
    • sorry, that was meant to read ;):lips::argh::cigar::blush::cry:
    •  MazzMazz
    • Fuck the K
    •  HopkinsHopkins
    • bad admiral says:
      was that fuck rottingham or that gig where we dressed as kiss? oh lordy lordy, that was a terrible night...

      rottingham was when morrell showed us "the heel", and you all stopped at mine

      it must have been when you were dressed as kiss. i can' wait to tell ryan that he hung out with koresh in a wetherspoons when he was a few months old
    •  MazzMazz
    • Hopkins says:
      . i can' wait to tell ryan that he hung out with koresh in a wetherspoons when he was a few months old

      ha ha..
    •  bad admiralbad admiral
    • ho ho! yeah, when morrell came back to yours from Rock City he mugged me in his sleep by sitting on my feet and stealing my phone.

      i remember meeting him when he was a little dude! think we (donny) still have footage from that night shot in the bogs at gatsby's. jesus, that was a messy affair.
    •  DonnyDonny
    • I have a very long koresh in Nottingham video that is too x-treme to go on any video sites. Plus we were fucking shit.

      Can I just point out that although rich's koresh epitaph brought a lump to my throat (love you rich), and is probably right, it's a little premature as we haven't actually discussed any of this yet!

      But yes he's probably about right.

      Smiley face/happy face/you have aids/frowny face
      [Edited by Donny at 15:50 on 07/09/12]
    •  HopkinsHopkins
    • ah yes, the toilets in gatsbys, applying the make up. morell wasn't happy
    •  GarethGareth
    • bad admiral says:
      not sure what 9 songs in 18 minutes constitutes.

      This explains why I missed you at the Shakespeare all dayer in Sheffield. I'd sat outside for about 15 minutes and just managed to stop sweating uncontrollably only to find you'd finished playing.
    •  Tino InsanaTino Insana
    • Berserkowitz will always love the K-Resh. Main road rugby to become a fully fledged sport!
    •  bad admiralbad admiral
    • don don - i didn't say anything about splitting up, man. far as i'm concerned we're still having get togethers when we can which means that we're "seeing other people" until then. i think i'm still cut up about the fact that terry nutkins died as a result of us announcing that we're to release another record and i'm sure that the band can survive paul's relocation, but perhaps not the blood on our hands...think on that...think on that...

      plus. i think that gatsby's toilet footage could/should be released as bonus multimedia content too, as it is ART of the highest order. and you got me to film your wife's batty at your wedding for free as penance, so we're square on that one, boyfriend.

      chris - he was not pleased AT all. when i fucked up lister's amp, he went and hid in the gear room and said (and i swear that this is true) "i'm not coming out until this is all over!" but, then again he did have to be peter criss.

      gareth - yep, our sets tend not to last very long and "ponderous" is not an adjective that is commonly associated with the group. go outside for a snout and a chill (and it was very hot up there if memory serves) and we're outta town.

      steve - we got love for the b-witz and full contact street rugby is definitely a game that needs to happen in rio 2016.
    •  HopkinsHopkins
    • ahahahah, what a fantastic evening
    •  bad admiralbad admiral
    • righty-ho. first practice in 6 months (and penultimate pratice before we go on our holidays) and we don't sound too bad. reckon we're on track to make this thing sound okayish.

      tracklisting is a mix of older stuff and newer stuff and some of these titles are not the finished article.

      - sXe til' midnight
      - woop woop
      - bin juice
      - cheer up glasgow
      - rustlers rollercoaster rampage
      - sampson prelude
      - sampson
      - adolf hipster
      - you can call me ghaal

      we're not sure what we're gonna call this thing yet. options at the moment are:

      - afrika
      - if you want to party with the k-resh
      - the last punce

      should be out as a withered hand/witch hunter joint. art, as standard, by luke drozd - so that'll be something to look forwards to.

      more updates soon. keep it sexy.
    •  HopkinsHopkins
    • there you go ninehertz, you get all the juicy gossip first hand

      WHR vs WHR

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