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New look ninehertz

    •  basstardbasstard
    • It all looks very smart but that makes it seem a bit formal. A bit of colour wouldn't be a bad thing....
    •  GarethGareth
    • pull-my-plonker says:
      Gareth says:
      mike says:
      Hahhaha, I've got an idea that I'm going to try and produce this weekend.

      I so wish you were the happy dog in your picture Mike.

      Erm, you mean Mike's not a back lab?!!!

      I'm not sure that's a lab, but no. He does look a bit like the bear from Bo Selecta sometimes mind.
    •  mikemike
    • I get called Heston Blumenthal these days.
    •  JackJack
    • I got told off once on here for making too many poster designs with naked 'chicks' on them, I think it was Jen :)
    •  OllieOllie
    • The naked female form is (usually) a beautiful thing and has been used by the greatest artists through history...I see no problem in maintaining an artistic tradition. Plus it's better than looking at a pair of sweaty bollocks!
    •  RamoRamo
    • well the 9hz regulars have spoken.. time to plaster the site with naked women/chicks, preferably with cars and snakes etc. Pete knew what he was doing when he mentioned that stuff, let the re-re-design commence!
    •  Amy BAmy B
    • so, like this then....
    •  mikemike
    • Woah, sexy.

      I'm thinking this record idea might be a goer.
    •  RamoRamo
    • YES!
    •  alfiealfie
    • Thankyou for making the gig guide searchable by location again, and for what it's worth I like the new look. Nice one.
    •  Tim HolehouseTim Holehouse
    • hey just popped in to say hi and saw the fancy new looking site looks good well done all involved!

    •  mikemike
    • Cheers tim! Also, you are still alive!
    •  Tim HolehouseTim Holehouse
    • I am indeed sir... on a break at the moment from shows but will be back out again in March with a new record or hopefully records!!! So that's good. Have to catch up for one of them old school phone chats soon sir!
    •  mikemike
    • Im away at the moment but will give you a call maybe at the weekend?
    •  johnolithjohnolith
    • Hot! Needs more skulls though.
    •  johnolithjohnolith
    • Amy B says:
      so, like this then....

      Was talking about this, not the phone conversation!

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