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WELLDONEDUMBOYZ weird stoned rock from FRANCE

    •  el gepel gep
    • Hello.

      First post here. I'm Gep, I'm french and I play in that weird band called WELLDONEDUMBOYZ.

      Here in France, people often call it "Noise Rock" but I think it's a bit false.
      Well, I don't know but it's only rock'n'roll. Weird, yeach, but that's only true rock.

      A bit weird, a bit noisy, a bit stoned sounding. Call it stoner rock noise if you dare!

      We've allready made two EP's and one satanic tape.

      And now, we just have a new album signed on DIY label FRAGMENTS. You can listen to some extracts here:

      Player page

      Our crazy website:

      WDDBZ website

      Our beautiful hand-made packaging:

      Poster art by french punk artist Patrick Jannin:

      Patrick Website

      You can order our pretty shit to FRAGMENTS through the STORE section:


      So many links I like to share!

      Enjoy! Or not.

      Blow your eyes:

      Thank you.
    •  MazzMazz
    • I can't listen to this at work but I will when I return home. LOOKS INFUCKINGSANE.
    •  el gepel gep
    • Yes, we are! ah-ha!

      You also can download previous releases going to our website, not only listening to new and older tracks...

      Have a good bad trip, man.
    •  el gepel gep
    • A new live TAPE is OUT!

      Heavy noisy psyché Rock, with a big fat live sound!

      Around 38 minutes of madness.
      3 euros post-paid, damn it!

      3 songs to download here if you wanna know how it sounds:

      Write us at:
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    •  WickedWesticleWickedWesticle
    • by eck that packaging is lovely. Not the tape. The CD thing.
    •  el gepel gep
    • Thanks! It is indeed.

    •  el gepel gep
    • Satan fucks me! The 2010 album is re-issued in CASSETTE!

      Pretty tapes for the grave:

      4 euros postpaid for Europe, 3 euros for France and 5 euros for the rest of the world.
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    •  el gepel gep

      The new 7'' EP will be available at the end of october 2011.

      3 dark, glorious, beautifull, classy and heretic songs.

      Forget all about Noise Rock, this is much more wide than that.

      This is a sick co-production between these fine labels: UNDERGROUND POLLUTION, NO WAY ASSO, NHDIYSTREC., OCINATAS Industries and FRAGMENTS label.

      3 songs on the vinyl but everything will be available on free download on our website, including a fourth big bonus song.

    •  el gepel gep
    • We've received our vinyls, so the new EP "Filthy Gift" will be out very soon.

      A little tour:
    •  el gepel gep

      7 euros including european shipment (6 euros for France, 8 euros outside Europe).

      A dark, weird, sludgy and gloomy Rock that sounds like no one else.

      3 songs on the 7'' but a fourth bonus song is available on our website when you free download the EP:

      We are PROUD.
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    •  el gepel gep

      Our latest disc is available since april.
      It's called TAOL and it fuckin' rules. Sludgy StonedPunk, Rock'n'roll and LSD for the weak ones!
      Free download there:

      Also, we're just releasing again the "Magnetic Hippie" tape series, the most muddy and weird and psychedelic stuff from the DumboyZ, three volumes available.

      3 euros postpaid each volume for France, 4 euros postpaid Europe, a lil' more for the rest of the world, ahahah it's too bad you're livin' in Nazaktano!!!

      Contact the shit out of us there:

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