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The Power of Independent Trucking

    •  b.k butlerb.k butler
    • Hey there

      Just thought I'd let y'all know that the new Mothertrucker album "The Power of Independent Trucking" is now loose in the world! If you like a bit of instrumental psychedelic/stoner action in the vein of Kyuss, Sabbath, Isis, Slint, etc. have a listen at the Trucker bandcamp.

      Trucker bandcamp

      Album is available on purple vinyl with download or download only. The people at Heavy Planet had these kind words to say about the album:

      We are well up for playing some shows and taking the riffs to the people now the record's out so drop us a line if you want us to play!



    •  b.k butlerb.k butler
    • This is officially released today so get yourself over to the Trucker bandcamp and have a listen if you haven't already!

      Any Brummies out there, we are playing Fear Fest at the Asylum this Sunday alongside doom heavyweights such as Conan and Witchsorrow so come on down!
    •  OllieOllie
    • Good to see you boys back in the game.
    •  CareyCarey
    • Love this. And the song titles. :)
    •  b.k butlerb.k butler
    • Cheers guys!

      Glad you're enjoying the song titles Carey, people need to be reminded of the power of Reef every now and again :)
    •  sabbathfansabbathfan
    • Just discovered you guys recently, wish I'd done so earlier! Downloaded Last Ride... and Trebuchet from your Bandcamp page and will prob get the new one too somepoint.....
    •  b.k butlerb.k butler
    • Nice one man, thanks!

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