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Seeing a band more than once on tour

    •  PetePete
    • What's your opinion on seeing bands more than once on tour?

      The thought came to me this week when I got Sabbath tickets for Sheffield - my mum and brother want to see them too, but Manchester would be better for them. I considered going to both, but ticket prices meant I didn't.

      Although I'm not sure I would've anyway - I'm not always sure seeing a band twice or more on the same tour is a good thing - a gig is an event which you savour and the event of going, the people you meet, the drinks you have, what you do before, during, after, all add to it and influence your memories of it, not just the bands. Replicating the main event of the evening can dilute it, I've found.

      From memory, I can think of Truckfighters playing Nottingham a couple of days after we put them on in Sheffield - we helped with the tour, and there were so many people at both gigs I knew that it didn't matter this time; Boris playing a chapel in Salford and then Sheff Corp a few days later - the difference meant it was worth it but the latter paled in comparison; and Bongzilla in Manchester then Sheffield, which was just brilliant because the band were. But the other examples I can think of, in similar venues to each other, were not good.

      My older punk mates from uni used to tell me how they "toured" the country to see every gig of a tour of New Model Army, or Fugazi, but I don't hear of that much anymore.

      What do you reckon?

      PS My mum and bro are coming to Sheff with me to see Sabbath. I convinced them as it's a Saturday :)
    •  mambamamba
    • I've done it a few times.

      Clutch - their setlist varies so much each night that it didn't matter.

      Fu Manchu - It was the tour when they played the Underworld with Valient Thorr which was one of my favourite ever nights with a great group of mates, followed by on my tod in Southampton which was obviously a bit of a come down. But it was still Fu Manchu.

      There have probably been others...
    •  basstardbasstard
    • Turbonegro when they first res-erected; Manchester one night then B'ham. Different sets, both incredible.
      I used to do quite a bit of following bands around but it's just too expensive now.
      My mate Sid has a rule whereby he sees Motorhead in Manchester every year and another tour date wherever they play at the weekend.
    •  mikemike
    • Bongzilla played two different sets as well so that was great, seeing Blutch twice in a few days I think shot my hearing but was so worth it.

      Saw Eyehategod twice on their last UK tour, really good both times. Pretty varied sets both nights as well.

      Obviously touring with other bands means the songs take on more meaning as you hear them every night. Touring with amazing bands like Red Stars Parade, Death of her Money, Narhwal, Art of Burning Water, Montana and then hooking up with Manatees in Europe was good. Always a bonus from being in a band, being able to see other great bands loads for free.
    •  PodgePodge
    • I've seen among the missing enough times to successfully sound checked for them left handed.

      I doubt I'd pay to see a band twice on a tour, I've been missed them on Sheffield if I knew I was seeing them at a festival
    •  pull-my-plonkerpull-my-plonker
    • What a brilliant thread! Haha!

      I haven't got much experience of this and totally agree with Pete's sentiment about the "moment". Going overboard on a band is an easy route to disappointment, especially if you travel far. Saw Saviours twice on their last UK jaunt and they played the exact same set which was kinda dull. You know a band has a great catalogue when you can't tell what's coming next.

      This thread also makes me sad that I never got to see Bongzilla.
    •  mikemike
    • Did they split up?

      Just thought of another one, saw The Sword supporting Clutch in Sheffield, then saw them open Roadburn a week later, they smashed it both times. Mainly because it was the Age of Winters tour.
    •  funkynoisefunkynoise
    • Last time I did this was Metallica's last tour, but previously I've done it with Lawnmower Deth, Mordred, Testament and a few other metal bands.
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    •  PetePete
    • mike says:
      Just thought of another one, saw The Sword supporting Clutch in Sheffield, then saw them open Roadburn a week later, they smashed it both times. Mainly because it was the Age of Winters tour.

      I never thought about festivals...

      We put Gentlemans Pistols on in Sheffield on 7th April 2008, then I saw them 10 or 11 days later at Roadburn, that was great.

      I saw Karma to Burn twice at Roadburn 2010 (they played again as others did as so many pulled out due to the Icelandic volcano) then at Corp a few days after I got back. That was good because it was great to get out to a gig so quick, as it's like a comedown returning from a festival.

      And I saw Monster Magent twice the same summer, I think, once at Big Day Out and the other possibly with Rob Zomibe at the Academy in Manchester. And this kinda proves my initial point in the thread - the first time was great, Wyndorf set his gutar alight, they trashed the stage, caused exciting havoc. When they did the exact same thing next time I saw them, at the exact same point, it reduced not only that night but the previous gig.
    •  alanalan
    • I had a weekend in Holland 6 or 7 years ago when I saw The Slackers and The Aggrolites on the Friday, The Aggrolites on the Saturday, and The Slackers again on the Sunday. All three shows were in very different venues with different length sets so I'm definitely glad I did it.
    •  johnolithjohnolith
    • Saw Grief in Manchester years ago and was so good I drove to see them in a small pub in Stoke the night after. Usually wouldn't though, I would if it was someone I really liked and them playing live was a rarity.

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