•  LimbBobLimbBob
    • A few bands I remember seeing this year that I loved.

      Vision Of Disorder
      Black Moth
      Dog Eat Dog
    •  HopkinsHopkins
    • dog eat dog??

      haha, that is ace! gonna have to dig that album out
    •  LimbBobLimbBob
    • They haven't played in the UK for years and years and we were supposed to support them (Old band this is) at the Electrowerkz in 2005 maybe? something like that but they pulled out.

      When I saw they were playing I felt like I couldn't say no to my inner 15 year old.

      IT WAS FUCKING INSANE! I haven't seen people go that crazy in ages... it put the vision of disorder show to shame (in terms of crowd nutjobness)

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