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congrats to donny

    •  HopkinsHopkins
    • on getting married

      between the wedding do and the stag do i've been saturated with classic rock and lager, and shouted myself horase
    •  pull-my-plonkerpull-my-plonker
    • Why did the shetland pony have a coughing fit?

      He was just a little hoarse.

      Congrats Donald!!!!
    •  ms tinnitusms tinnitus
    • Congrats again! :)

      Sounds like it was a raging success!
    •  MazzMazz
    • Grats
    •  mikemike
    • Glad it was a goodun!
    •  basstardbasstard
    • Congrats, hope your marriage is long and happy.
    •  JackJack
    • Well done for successfully tieing the knot Mr Donny
    •  DonnyDonny
    • Awww thanks all! Had an awesome day, the wife looked totally rocking.

      Currently in vegas feeling a bit George Clooney.
    •  Tim HolehouseTim Holehouse
    • Congrats Donny!

      Jayne's made and honest man out of you at last! ha ha! Congartulation and enjoy vegas dude.

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