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How do!

    •  Tim HolehouseTim Holehouse
    • I' back after 8months touring... got two Uk shows this week... then a week at my folks before the Uk tour.
      But thought say hi now I'm back in the Uk. How you all doing? Missed much?
      Richard had his sex change yet? Mazz formed 52 new bands, has jack been caught wombling the common?

      What's been going down?
    •  ms tinnitusms tinnitus
    • Hey Tim,

      welcome back!! let us have your UK tour dates!

      Things have been rather quiet on the gig scene for me, but looking forward to Colour Haze early Feb.

    •  pull-my-plonkerpull-my-plonker
    • Yo Tim. Glad all's good with you! Been a long time!

      Rich is 100% covered in tattoos.
      Mazz now owns more t-shirts than there are trees in existence.
      Jack has been spotted wandering around Wimbledon Common alone gibbering on about badge-making.
      Plonker is obsessed with making soup and The Sword. it's all pretty much as it was.
    •  bad admiralbad admiral
    • i'm pretty much all about fucking men.
    •  Rob HimselfRob Himself
    • I traded in my acoustic tomfoolery for corpse paint and bullet belts.
    •  Tim HolehouseTim Holehouse
    • Amazing all of you... Rich you came out well done. I missed you lot. I hope to hear robs new band soon too.

      Yes I will post the whole tour dates up on the shows board shortly (still got some gaps to fill). Ah good to hear from you all... hopefully see some of you while I'm out and about.
    •  MazzMazz
    • I have been very sensual.
    •  Tim HolehouseTim Holehouse
    • I hear rich likes a good oiling up!

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