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Torche Upgrading to Aluminium Guitars

    •  SheldonSheldon
    • check the blog posts

      This company makes some genius Guitars and the orginal were designed with help form steve albini

      I own #24 which is an all alumium SG and also the guy has been working on some outrageus wodden body aluminium neck strat that he has been doing for like 18 months now as it a bit of a beast
    •  tom.atom.a
    • thats cool
      whats that guitar like of yours? ive been interested in these for a while but am not totaly sure if i can justify the expense.
    •  bad admiralbad admiral
    • they sound amazing but are proper heavy. i guess that's why albini wears his around the waist so his legs take the weight and not his back.

      he's only little.

      if they weighed less i'd be in there like a rat up a drainpipe.

      i saw bearclaw (in their top friends) a few weeks back. fella plays one of their basses. sounds unreal.
    •  SheldonSheldon
    • if you look at the pictures folder on there there is picture of an sg that not my one but it looks similar to that one

      to be honest its been in its case in the corner of my room for 2 years it sound indredible but its painful to play unless you have a better strap system

      im looking forward to finally getting my strat whenever its ready
    •  SheldonSheldon
    • I almost ordered a third one

      but i said i would order another till the custom arrived and im still waiting so in the meantime i bought about 5 other guitars including 3 custom orders

      one of which is a carbon fibre guitar that being finished now
    •  bad admiralbad admiral
    • what's your total axe count now?
    •  ChrisSDChrisSD
    • haha, i know, every other week Sheldon seems to come on here saying he's bought another guitar! you axe demon you. :P
    •  SheldonSheldon
    • I love guitars

      I think at the moment i have 8 and i have 3 custom waiting to come in

      i did also agree to get another which i may or may not get

      bearing in mind 2 guitars are classical though i also gave away a few other i used to have to my dad

      My current list in:

      1 Cashmira Classical Guitar
      2 Cort Electro Classical Guitar
      3 Agile 3000 les pual
      4 Electrical Guitar Company Aluminium SG
      5 Nathan Sheppard Custom made Electric
      6 Yamaha pacifica 812w Blue
      7 Yamaha pacifica 812w Natural
      8 Ibanez Ltd Edition top of the range Artcore

      On there Way:

      ME guitars Carbon Fibre Guitar
      Electrical guitar company Half wood half aluminium strat
      Arrowhead guitars Custom Firebird with buckeye burl top

      Possible others:

      CUSTOM wood SG
      maybe another aluminium guitar
      maybe a jazz guitar

      I also bought a new valve head a few days ago :-) as a spare

    •  PodgePodge
    • richard snogger has an aluminium 3/4 flying v bass.

      its well ugly and well neck heavy. good to laugh at though
    •  alanalan
    • They look pretty insane, love the lucite one. I know I shouldn't ask, but what kinda price are they?
    •  SheldonSheldon
    • i think it depends what one you go for

      the price lsit is on one of the blogs
    •  alanalan
    • Oh yeah. Eep.
    •  SheldonSheldon
    • you may possibly get a much cheaper deal dealing directly with the guy in the states but then again after import duty maybe not.....

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