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Iron Hearse return with a new record... March 2013

    •  Kev Hit DrumKev Hit Drum
    • Howdy all - been in the wilderness/rock retirement for a while but as the wise age old saying goes - you may try to take the man out of heavy metal, but you can't take HEAVY METAL OUT OF THE MAN.

      Anyway - Just hoping to raise some interest for the new Hearse record. Begin transmission...

      Hey kids. Iron Hearse are back. Yep.

      Following on from 2010's acclaimed "Lunar Funeral" 12 inch EP, the brand new album will be released on our own imprint SNAKE MOUNTAIN next month on vinyl effect cd in faux 7" single packaging. There's also a digital download option through bandcamp if you want to keep it fresh and modern. In about 2 weeks from now, get ready...

      Click below


      to pre-order a copy. There's some bundle action as well if you are suitably enthused/flush. Some of the earlier stuff going very cheap indeed...

      Just want some free downloads for now? No worries. Go here instead and fill your boots


      Nice. Hit up the bookface for up to date nonsense if you like, IH FACEBOOK


    •  OllieOllie
    • Cool, I'll look forward to hearing this. What happened with Psychedoomelic?
    •  Kev Hit DrumKev Hit Drum
    • As far as I know, Psychedoomelic will still be operating as a distro but the label side of things is on hiatus for a while.

      Mark will be back, I'm sure!
    •  GrymGrym
    • Good stuff. Love me some Iron Hearse.
    •  Kev Hit DrumKev Hit Drum
    • I won't keep posting loads of stuff about this - except...

      Album is up in full streaming glory on Bandcamp, will be available for purchase from Friday. Review copies will be fired out in the next few days, if you write for something and want one, let me know!

    •  mikemike
    • *big cough* Over here mate!
    •  pull-my-plonkerpull-my-plonker
    • Bloody hell! Just giving this a listen and its choc fulla killer riffs! Chug-tastic!
    •  Kev Hit DrumKev Hit Drum
    • Cool. Glad you're digging it. Always reasurring to know people are still enjoying songs about serious issues such as wolves dressed as priests and Jason & the Argonauts...

      Mike - the cd is going out to you tomorrow! GET READY!
    •  GrymGrym
    • Purchased.

      Mage and Iron Hearse must play together. It is law!

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