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    •  RagnarockerRagnarocker
    • Hails Ninehertzer's!

      Chris from Taint here,

      Just wanted to say thanks for all the support over the years and hope we may see some of you at the last ever Taint show (although no doubt distance will be an issue to alot of you)

      I set up a Ninehertz account ages ago then realised i wasn't the best at keeping things up to date haha! Technophobe! But i constantly check in to the site and seeing as we don't have Stoner Rock .com any more I'd say you got a great contender for the best site for this kinda thing!

      Anyways, for those of you who are able to attend the show we will have the last batch of our new 'Heart Roots tshirts for sale, plus a beautiful silkscreened poster designed by our own Jimbob commemorating the event.

      We've had a truly amazing 16 years and again i want to thank all those who i have seen show their support on Ninehertz over these years. We truly do appreciate it!

      for those of you who didn't know about this then you can see the official statement here -

      and we will still be updating this, plus our myspace and facebook pages for all things Taint related -!/pages/Taint/108541505876388

      Just to keep you informed myself and Jimbob are planning new projects, Jimbob has his one-man hardcore project on the go
      check it out here (brutal!!!)

      and he's been jamming with some talented dudes from Cardiff

      and as ever is keeping up his amazing artwork and illustration, check that out here, new stuff for Clutch and Neurosis etc

      And I've started a new band called NUKEBIRDS along with Dean Berry from Iron Monkey/Dukes Of Nothing/Capricorns/In Conference With Jackals on guitar, Nathan Perrier from Labrat/Capricorns/In Conference With Jackals/Conflict on drums, Steve Horne from In Conference With Jackals on Vox and myself on bass guitar

      We recorded a 4 track e.p. a few months back and plan on releasing it early 2011, 3 of our tracks and a Motorhead cover (Over The Top, featuring Stu from Acrimony on lead guitar)

      It aint like we're reinventing the wheel, just getting together and loving jamming in the vein of heroes of ours like Celtic Frost, Motorhead, Danzig and Voivod, utter filth basically with drumming like King Crimson!

      I'm also stil drumming on and off for Cardiff based band Spider Kitten and we plan on recording an album together next year

      So for now, peace and love to y'all, merry Taintmass and a happy new dawn!

      Taint 1994 to 2010


    •  Catacomb RecordsCatacomb Records
    • Hey Chris! Good luck with the show, sorry I can't be there. Awesome news about the new projects, wish you best of luck with them! Soph :lips:
    • I got the chance to see you guys supporting Shrinebuilder in Manchester and thought you were awesome.

      All the best with things.
    •  alanalan
    • I was listening to Taint just this morning actually. Sad times, shall check out the new projects later though... :)
    •  HopkinsHopkins
    • yeah, all the best chris
      gutted i can't make it
    •  mambamamba
    • Yeah, I would've liked to have come down for the last show. Pissed off I didn't go to the last tour now.

      Ah well, good luck with the new stuff.
    •  mikemike
    • Gona miss you guys, brilliant band, will check out your new stuff Chris, sounds great (and stellar lineup!).
    •  pull-my-plonkerpull-my-plonker
    • Best of luck Chris! Shame about Taint but all cracking things must come to an end.
    •  GarethGareth
    • mike says:
      Gona miss you guys, brilliant band, will check out your new stuff Chris, sounds great (and stellar lineup!).

      Seconded, you guys were amazing and 16 years was a good run. I'll check the new stuff out.
    •  RagnarockerRagnarocker
    • Thank you so much guys, really appreciate your comments!

      All the best to you all over xmas and I'll keep y'all informed of updates, news etc on all things Taint related



      Taint 1994 - 2010A.D.

    •  Desert_StormDesert_Storm
    • good luck with the show and the new projects chris. Shame you are calling it a day, u guys were great. Was cool to support u guys in oxford. Merry xmas.

      All the best
      Desert storm
    •  basstardbasstard
    • Taint were ace, sad to see you go but looking forward to hearing Nukebirds.
    •  PetePete
    • Taint will be missed. My favourite Taint gig was at Roadburn 08 - first band on, best band all weekend, against many many amazing bands.

      The new band sounds interesting, good luck.
    •  RagnarockerRagnarocker
    • Thanks you guys, the last show was a blinder! snow kept alot away but we had some travel from france, spain and even Tim from Knut came from Switzerland! Mental and all above and beyond the call of duty!

      We'll be posting up full set length videos of the last Cardiff show and the very last show in Swansea soon

      Big love from Taint for Crimbo and all the best to y'all for 2011!

      CJW & TAINT1994-2010A.D.


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