ninehertz Podcast 246

Fri 15th March 2024


/incoming/thefeepod.jpgWe're back after operational illness stopped play. Don't worry, we can work heavy machinery again, talking of which, take a look at our playlist today. Mike and Pete wrench these beasts from the earth and present them to you forthwith:

Potvor - Ц​е​п​и

Elastic Riot - Yvonne l’insonne

Jungfrau - Hey Louise

Slomosa - Rice

Cell Press - Adult Baptisms

SMEF - Psycowcasis

Thee Alcoholics - SE23

Owl - Young End

Bad Luck Rides on Wheels - Monocelestial Chords

The Ninehertz Podcast · Episode 246 - New Release Podcast


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