ninehertz Podcast 240

Fri 26th January 2024


/incoming/rosfirpod.jpgIt's hotting up already and it's only January! Mike and Pete have found nine more amazing songs to kick your Friday square in the throat. Get loud and have a goodun!

Mourn - Mourn

Bloody Head - There Is No Authority But Yourself… And Everyone Else

Roscian - What Cannot Be Soothed

People Look Like Dogs - I Am A Delicate Flower/ I Am The Claw Of The Hammer

Volksempfänger - How We Made It Seem

Kazak - Haze

Resin Tomb - Dysphoria

Like Rome - The North Face

Breaking/Entering - Entropy Pt. II

The Ninehertz Podcast ยท Episode 240 - New Release Podcast


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