ninehertz Podcast 214

Fri 16th June 2023


/incoming/jotrfppod.jpgWe're back! After a break for much-needed holidays, here's Mike and Pete coming back with a bang. Returns of old favourites and even older favourites to end. An extra long episode and a belter at that.

We play:

Jotnarr - Shiteater

Gnasch - Slow

Homily - Proverbial You

The Acacia Strain - Bog Walker

Falcon Arrow - Nob & Tooth

Pallid Veil - Pallid Veil

Ockra - Acceptance

Outer Heaven - Rotting Stone / DMT

Khanate - Like a Poisoned Dog

The Ninehertz Podcast ยท Episode 214 - New Release Podcast


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