ninehertz Podcast 208

Sat 22nd April 2023


/incoming/doelrpod.jpgWelcome to your new home, Episode 208.

The furniture is made of noise, the windows howl with black metal, the door is hewn of solid doom and when you ring the bell it's just drone.

Mike and Pete spin:

Udol - El Regne

Morrison Graves - Crane Song

[ B O L T ] - [ 3 2 ]

Formalist - Warfare

Liquid Shit - Anxious Wretch

Pestilength & Necronauta - Aesporeh

Directional - Spitting Blood Clears up Reality and Dream Alike

Head of the Baptist - Blackened Ichor

Orme - Nazarene

The Ninehertz Podcast ยท Episode 208 - New Release Podcast


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