ninehertz Podcast 173

Fri 3rd June 2022


/incoming/goasmopod.jpgShove your Platinum celebrations, this is where the cool kids are hanging this Friday. Nine tracks to distract from a deeply divisive public holiday here in the UK.

Check out the following as hosts Mike and Pete discuss the merits of grindcore, conceptual pieces about amphibian mass extinction and more:

Bad Men - Make Me

Mushrooms of Yuggoth - Church of Msr

Somnus Throne - L-Dopatryptamine

Tumm - La Cueva del Chancho

Artificial Brain - Celestial Cyst

Escaping Aghartha - Chrytid

Goatsmoke - Concrete Surfer

Hong Kong Fuck You - Another Fucking Day In Paradise

Sunsetter - The Mirage/Downer

The Ninehertz Podcast ยท Episode 173 - New Release Podcast


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