ninehertz Podcast 146

Fri 1st October 2021


/incoming/bodybigpod.jpgEpisode 146 is here! Jammed full of death metal, unhinged black metal and hardcore assaults. Pete and Mike introduce the following:

Taser - Smoke Weed and Hail Satan

Hundreds of Au - 100 Year Test

Seethr - Salix Pendula

Onryo Over October - Oathbreaker

Toom - Mandark

Ether Coven - The Bolt or The Blade

Black Noia - Obruxo

LVCIFYRE - Tribes of Khem

The Body and Big|Brave - Babes in the Woods

The Ninehertz Podcast ยท Episode 146 - New Release Podcast


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