ninehertz Podcast 103

Fri 13th November 2020


/incoming/moucalpod.jpgIt's episode 103 and we couldn't be happier with the amazing stuff we've found this week! Pete and Mike take you through the following gold:

Jucifer - Sahel

KLS - Vinaròs - Benicarló - Peníscola

Dvne - Omega Severer

Procession of Spectres - Hawthorne (Sceach Gheal)

Great Grey - Deceiving the Herd

Writhing - Void of Derision

Antre - Become the Damned

Encenathrakh - Thraakethraaeate Thraithraake

Mountain Caller - Journey Through the Twilight Desert

ninehertz ยท Podcast 103


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