ninehertz Podcast 95

Fri 11th September 2020


/incoming/dunweepod.jpgIt's the 95th edition of the podcast! We're on a break next week, but back the following week with as much vim and vigour as we can muster. Join us as we drag ourselves to 100 episodes!

This week's episode is full of intrigue and experimentation, here's the tracklist:

Deafbrick (Petbrick/Deafkids) - Força Bruta

Mamaleek - Calibri-Green

Dungeon Weed - Orcus Immortalis/Vox Mysterium

Mania - Pinnacle of Terror

Saturno - Espíritu Viviente

Cognizant - Solipsism

Jupiterian - Mere Humans

Brule - The Devil's Decay

Meslamtaea - Ilusie

ninehertz ยท 95 - New Release Show


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