ninehertz Podcast 90

Sat 8th August 2020


/incoming/howlipod.jpgWe're on Episode 90, cannot believe we've come this far but with so much music coming out that's this sick, it's amazing.

This week, Pete and Mike plough through nine of the best tracks they've found via Bandcamp and submissions this week.

Check the playlist and Happy Friday everyone:

Carrion Cathedral - Lavender

Working Men's Club - Kawasaki Ninja

Monobrow - Dyatlov Station II

Shezmu - Cérémonie Magique pour la Bataille de Megiddo

Naisian - Brain Throne

Resin Tomb - Bestial

Howling Giant - Masamune (Excerpt)

Dkharmakhaoz - The Cycle ov Omega

Oil of Vervain - Larval

ninehertz ยท 90 - New Release


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