Wizard Rifle Wizard Rifle

Wed 7th August 2019


/incoming/wizardrwr.jpgWizard Rifle - from Portland; a two piece; released by Svart. Pick whichever of those to use as your positive stereotype, and you'll not be dissappointed - this is fantastically, energetically unique. Five years since I last reviewed them, Wizard Rifle are as crazy and instantly lovable as I remember.

Rocket to Hell blasts off with a burning intensity, brilliance in chaos, influences far and wide, with perhaps a central core from a Melvins diet, but defiantly unattributable to a single source. If you have sense and good ears you'll know you love this within a minute. By the heavy ending few minutes, it is without doubt.

They remind me of Oozing Wound - not necessarily in direct musical comparison, but in that packed sound and how they feel at all times familiar and so different in the same moment. Speaking of which, there are thrash hints in Caveman Waltz, ending with strains of Anthrax having begun in Big Business territories.

The journey transcribed by the album is certainly oblique, and resultingly invigorating to follow the path they have beaten through, chopped down and stained to their colours. Funeral of the Sun is a whole story in itself, at times manic, others meandering, often mesmeric, with oases of suprising beauty.

This is, to lay the cards down, how music should be. Heavy, dangerous and fun that bundles together into a daring whole that you have no choice but to fall for.


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