Ill in Pain Serve

Wed 27th March 2019


/incoming/illinpa.jpgThere's an inordinate amount of talent around in heavy music these days. Quite how this has manifested itself is unclear, but we're starting to hear more and more inventiveness around and here's another excellent example.

Sounding like the fire and fury of The Dillinger Escape Plan before they went too safe, Ill in Pain fly straight out the gate with a hardcore fury we've not heard in a while. All chugs, squeals and subtle changes in speed, this rages, there's no other word. Drums punctuate an avalanche of angular and twisted guitars as well as early-2000s metalcore vocals, think Curl Up and Die, The Locust, possibly Botch? Whatever it is they are channeling, we like it.

The overriding arc to this Brighton-based release is one of stunning and dizzying delivery, not one second is wasted. You can see why Astral Noize have plumped to get this out on tape, it suits the brief format and fits in with their strange, uncanny roster.

When this finally does slow down in closer, Icon you can see the joins and there's possibly an AmRep influence here, noise rock collides with almost soothing post rock as it all ends, the calm after a storm of razor sharp biting winds.

This warrants multiple and closer listens, it certainly holds more than you can even notice the first time around.

You can order the tape here via the Astral Noize Big Cartel.


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