Fuzz Ink Records Jazz on Bones

Thu 22nd November 2018


/incoming/fuzzjazz.jpgFuzz Ink are an admirable collective based in Athens, creating gig posters, t-shirts and album covers as well as releasing records from their local scene. Jazz on Bones is a double 7” featuring a single track each from four of the bands they work with.

First up is Last Rizla, established ninehertz favourites. Their input is Oporto, an aggressive, high-energy noise-rock riff-driven beauty. In finding this compilation, I notice they’ve just put out a new release I wasn’t aware of, so that’s my next destination after this. They really are a band worth investigating, and this is more proof why.

Next come Friend of Gods. This is ugly hardcore noise, unknown to me before, these first impressions are strong. The off kilter timings and drum patterns that quickly convolute proceedings create a chaos that ruffles your headspace. It is brief - not much more than a couple of minutes, but mightily effective.

Rita Mosss are another new band to me. Oddball post-punk artistry accompanied by strange sounds, it disintegrates into an all out all instrument thrash for a few seconds at one point, simple screams and drum crash at another. Nicely unhinged.

Sadhus wrap up, possibly the most well known of the quartet. Sadhus “The Smoking Community”, to give them their full name, play rough stoner, that can, as here, dive into sludgier waters at times. They do it well too.

This is a great release, livewire music pulsating with energy and ideas. It is the perfect advertisement for the spirit of Fuzz Ink and the bands in their spectrum.


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