Street Thunder Galaxies

Sat 9th August 2014


/incoming/streetthunder.jpgThis is the third collection from Street Thunder, 2nd on the ever wonderful Reckno label. Cassette release containing 4 tracks of minimalist/maximalist drone. Moving on from Hunter Killer 2029 and Bonfire Gecko Hex, Street Thunder have forgone the terror for grandeur.

We're drawing from the Tony Conrad to Skaters line here, bit more warmth, romance and rapture than the big TC, but without the schtick that stops Skaters et al truly talking to everyone. Psychedelic Minimalism even if that's an oxymoron.

This record is full of tiny hooks that circle around each other, turning and blurring and making things happen in the ear that maybe just aren't there. It's one of those incredible experimental records that transcends through simple movement. A record to make us remember who we are and aren't.

Put arms in the air and grab the bong with both feet. It's fucking glorious.


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