Petals Silvered Alumnus

Tue 22nd January 2013


/incoming/petals.jpgPetals is a guy from Sheffield who makes wonderful noises with pedals, electro-acoustic instruments and whatever he can get his hands on.

Veteran of quite a few split releases and limited runs, including a split with 9hz regular Timothy C Holehouse, this cassette on Armed Within Movement is a brief, but beautiful example of his work. Distance seems to be the watchword here, with a nullifying void being created with the aid of loops and repetitive droning sequences that are interspersed with distant voices.

This low, whistling sound is one that could match the likes of a walk by a cold, steel-encircled power station on a cold day, or an amble down one of Sheffield's many abandoned or sparse industrial areas, distant workshops spinning endless machinery for miles.

It's a bit brief at only around 20 minutes (one song per side) but you can draw some conclusions of your own from the vast amount of ideas present. Never reaching more than a loud hum, it doesn't break into a void of noise, rather a sustained crescendo, atoms vibrating against glass or speaker.

Take a listen here, or check out the rest of Kevin Sanders' prolific output under the Petals moniker here.


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