Iron Witch Post Vegas Blues

Mon 6th August 2012


/incoming/phpJg85YWAM.jpgGunshot Residue / Exceed The Dose is the first track we’re greeted with from Iron Witch’s 7”, Post Vegas Blues. The bass plods in leading your ears to tell you that 666 tonne riff is heading for your brain.

The intro riff plays out for just enough Sabbath-Worship to commence, thunderous drumming follows with deep southern hints that put Iron Witch into the ‘Down, Nola’ side of life.

Opening an EP with this sonic cathedral of sound only makes the listener realise what a fucking force Iron Witch are.

Vocals arrive on this record like the sound of a howling goblin ripping flesh from around your ears, perfect for a Sunday morning coffee.

Storming into the next track which is the title track from the album, this track begins with an up-tempo guitar line that proudly waves its Black Flag high, pulling another sludge-trip into a gargantuan swinging repetition which leaves the listener disoriented, nice.

The finale of this release is the unavoidable stomp’n’thrash mix to close the EP, mixing the two things has never really been covered in such a way in the last 5 years.

These guys are heavy as shit, live too, this 7” is an easy one to listen to knowing that when this is played live, the badass-ness of it transposes well to their wax.

There are many bands who put all they can into their art, buying expensive gear, going on ‘tour’ to three places, selling tickets for venues all the other heinous shit that they think they need. Iron Witch however, to create total fucking gold like their latest 7” they need one thing, booze.

Iron Witch, a band that you can’t afford to not-like; besides, you can download this mother for £1.99, that won’t even get you a pint in most places.


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    • Total and utter dirt! And we love them for it.