Dirtdrinker Dirtdrinker

Sat 5th May 2012


/incoming/dirtd.jpgReviewed from download, with no press page or CD inlay notes to peruse, I really am going into this not knowing what to expect. All I've managed to garner is that Dirtdrinker are a new Scottish two piece. Where's the list of influences to aid lazy journalism?

From the name alone, I'm guessing loud ugly sludge. It's a two thirds right guess - it is enticingly loud and ugly, but this is of a more hardcore ouevre. This self titled three track is an impressive showcase, more so because, like the best two pieces (Big Business, Beehoover, Black Cobra) it sounds bigger than the sum of its members.

This is great gig music for some above-the-bar room toilet size venue - aggressively full on, with bold riffs and a slightly gritty production that fits perfectly. Opener Plaguescape is probably the highlight, but the beligerent following Wastewalker doesn't mess around either and Husks wraps it all well, although the sample which concludes matters, a generally lefty rant, sours the ending a little - nothing wrong with the politics, but it seems a bit cliched.

Dirtdrinker are one to look out for, for sure. Another notch in the Scottish cap recently commented upon in another review here. And I've gone the whole review without mentioning another band as simile. Maybe Botch could be mentioned, but then maybe not that technical, it's hardcore for sure and definitely not on the looser punk side. A hinged Art of Burning Water? A hint of post metal perhaps. Possibly even 5ive could be brought up as a doom influence pointer.

But then maybe that's just because they're a two piece. Damn that lazy journalism. It always finds a way.


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    • Dirtdrinker have put another couple of tracks up on bandcamp for free - the second, The Rift, is worth checking out in particular -