Piranha Demo October 2011

Wed 14th March 2012


/incoming/39097681-1.jpgThis is a gnarled slab of power-violence/sludge from London.

As you expect, there's squealing feedback and some anguished vocals to tell you that 'life just isn't fair'. Well this may be peddled by all and sundry, this reviewer included, but we all have our First World problems.

Oh the cafe over the road ran out of decaf, if I have any more caffiene today, I'll simply expire... that kind of thing.

Jokes aside, this is pretty raging, perhaps too much gratuitous swearing (it's a bit needless when the music is this focused) but I'm nitpicking. If you want something that sounds a bit like Cursed on a comedown, then investigate, it even morphs into some quieter material for the final track, drawing out the barked screams and scratch-acid guitars a bit, almost a bit of EHG sneaking in there, thoroughly rough.



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