Aluna Fall To Earth

Wed 11th June 2008


 /incoming/alunafalltoearth.jpgOk, I'll admit it, generally speaking I despair of most modern rock music. My head is pretty firmly rooted in old school 70s rock. It's not that I don't want to like modern stuff, I listen to a lot of it to try and find something I can connect with... and simply fail in most cases. Aluna are one of the bands who reaffirm my faith that there are bands around that still have 'it'.

I know these guys have come in for as much criticism as acclaim but this EP is frankly fucking fantastic. Three tracks, no messing with quality riffs and beautiful melodies. These guys differ from so many bands today in that they know how to write a song... something so many bands seem to be at pains to avoid these days.

Opening track 'Spend My Time' sets out the Aluna stall in strident style with a riff and rhythm that brings to mind the 70s glam rock of T-Rex as much as it does St Vitus. There is an underlying groove here that makes my balls twitch!!!

Second track, 'Son Et Luminaire'(sic) is probably my least favourite rolling along on a more traditional style doom riff. That's not to say it isn't a great track in its own right, it's just not as good as the other two. It does, however, provide its own twists and turns when it shifts a gear and puts its foot down for a rock out ending complete with false stops and starts!!!

Final track 'Show Me How' ups the ante again with yet another great riff and a soaring melody. Through a huge PA this sound could be an anthem!!! The EP closes with a surprise reprise of 'Spend My Time'

So what makes this release so good? It's a combination of things. The riffs of Dave Day are up there with anyone around, he knows how to keep it simple, effective and catchy. The vocals of Soph Willet though are what set this band apart. Not the most powerful of vocalists but that works in the band's favour. The laid back style owes more to late 60s West Coast psychedelia than they do the majority of Ozzy aping doomsters or brutish growlers currently doing the rounds. This gives the whole thing an air of serenity and peace while still being heavy enough to keep most rockers shaking their tresses.

Topped off with a strong production that their earlier work lacked, this release shows Aluna making all the right moves... getting themselves out there, gigging and constantly improving. They're a young band and this good already, I can't wait to see what they sound like in five years!!!


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