Moloch Demo

Wed 29th August 2007


From the sludge capital of Nottingham, come Moloch, featuring members of the insanely good Army Of Flying Robots. This demo features three tracks of traditional New Orleans-inspired sludge.

A review of this release cannot be complete without a mention of Eyehategod, of which this band take heavy nods from. From the guitar tone, one so fuzzed it sounds like it's being played in a distant swamp, to the vocals, Moloch ape the mighty sludge titans on almost every level, even the time changes - from mid paced crawl to hardcore-esque runs is borderline on actually being that band themselves. That said, its great to hear people playing this kind of music, as it's been sadly maligned recently in favour of bands that either break out the calculus rather than the weed when it comes to influences.

Track three, the more thought-out and more focused sounding 'Epidemic' really sees the band coming into a bit more of individual sound, the blues-through-a-blender sound they have gone for really works here. In conclusion, I wish I was in this band, it sounds like they are having loads of fun worshipping at the altar of sabbath and all things unpleasant.


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