Heirs To A Vacant Throne Miasma

Thu 14th September 2006


/incoming/htavt.pngWith a name so dull as Heirs To A Vacant Throne, and with a demo name so generic as 'Miasma', this band need to have the music to back up these shortfalls, unfortunately, what we have on offer here is simplistic and a little boring, chugging palm muted riffs and staid, yawn-inducing vocals.

When a band from another country attempts to sing in anything other than their native tongue, it can either be fantastic or just a little embarrassing, the lyrics here suffer the most, making no sense at all, and as throwaway as the music on offer. I should quote them to just illustrate how truly infantile they are- 'I gotta sulk until I feel I'm proven wise' and the frankly hilarious- 'White makeup and purple patches on the bone/A nose of grains well worthy on the avenue'.

I would try and salvage some praise from this release, but there is nothing new or remarkable about it, even down to the Tool video-esque CD cover depicting various mutilated models and gore. Not worth your time really.


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