Dust High Density Amplitude

Wed 30th August 2006


/incoming/dust.pngThis is naïve stoner rock at its very best, and by that I mean not very interesting, a bit ill-informed and a bit clichéd. You see Dust are a German stoner rock band who think they are offensive, their CD 'High Density Amplitude' (in itself a terrible title) comes with a 'warning' that tells the listener that it 'contains extremely offensive lyricism, with anti-society overtones' and that it might be 'too heavy for the average listener'. Now I don't know about the average German listener, but this is the kind of 'warning' bands who are still in school write on their folders and bedroom doors, judging by the photos in the CD booklet, this band left school a good ten years ago. By no means am I judging this release on the writing on the booklet, the music on offer here is overdriven, repetitive and has been done better by bands with much more gusto years before. As a reference, think a less slow Blutch, or a one-riff Iron Monkey with regulation cookie-monster vocals, which swallow up any 'anti-society' lyricism in their indecipherable repetitiveness and lack of enthusiasm. This is just plain dull, from the genre-humdrum of the riffs to the lack of originality. Stoner rock is an oversaturated genre as it is, and Dust are simply another band which add next to nothing.


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