National Grid High Voltage Research Project Sunset Yellow

Wed 30th August 2006


With members of Analysis of Bison Kills (formerly Tear Gas and Plate Glass) and boasting a name so full of promise, National Grid High Voltage Research Project had a lot to live up to, so when we got a copy of this, their single track 'Sunset Yellow' CD, I grabbed it in anticipation. With such a good track record, I was expecting good things from Nathan Dick and this as-yet unknown outfit. As I thought, this is a fantastic little CD, nearly nine minutes of instrumental wonderment in the vein of 5ive and Tool, an undulating bassline permeating the whole movement with multi-layered guitars and all manner of dynamics. I can imagine they'd dazzle a crowd if they simply came on and performed this one track and left, so uplifting, yet so simplistic, it shows you what can be done with just a few simple riffs, brilliant stuff. As it ends with the riff it begins with, this new band should get some well-deserved attention and soon.


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