Battlewitch Dawn Of Ruin

Tue 10th January 2006

Tim Holehouse

/incoming/battlewitch.jpgOk, first up, what a fantastic name! I was please to receive this demo as seeing picures of this band live I knew something special was going down.

From the opening prologue this recording wears its heart on its sleeve! This is unasumably old school metal! Coming on like the best bits of every worth while New Wave of British Heavy Metal band ever, Battlewitch rock! While having their foot in the past (in both music terms and their medieval themes to songs and monologues) this demo has its own personality and updates the sound. This is therefore a sound of tradition moving on. They sound like no other band around at the moment (other than maybe the fantatsic Conquest of Steel) and while reminding me of stuff like the first two Iron Maiden albums are definatley no rip off merchants.

From the tracks and themes running through this CD I gained a wealth of pleasure hearing how lovingly each song and the release as a whole has been put together.

The only fault I can pull from this recording is the recording itself... lacks a touch of depth. Guitars could cut through clearer and the bass could sound less wirey... and more like a bass. This is not the fault of the band as the playing is superb! From their amazing riffs and lead guitar lines, to the driving bass lines, the precise and phenomenal drumming... with the cream on the cake a metal singer who can not only belt it out but has an immense range and hits every note precisely.

'Dawn of Ruin' impressed me so much and I hope in my travels I wander upon these minstrels live some time very soon.


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