Only Until Demo

Tue 29th November 2005

tim among the missing

The demo starts and you're hit with the realisation this is not another generic little bands demo we have here. A nice little building bass line and twitchy riff...before almost spaghetti-western style chords slide in... It keeps you hanging on the edge just before a fierce gun fight... Then as the drums roll the tempo builds up and up... Then Bang! Math-meets-hardcore meets speeded up stoner style groove... before dropping you down again... And this is only the first song!

Such are the dynamic twists and turns on this demo it is incredible as Matt's bass fuzzy and dirty crushes you. Then Sheldon's quite amazing riffs and shreds blow your mind, while Rob on drums chases the whole proceedings with some tightly delivered beats. It's like somewhere between King Crimson, a time when emo was not a dirty word (i.e. Rites of Spring, American Football), with Nebula grooves and Slint style builds.

Basically you couldn't pigeon hole these chaps in any one genre. A cool kind of eclecticism which could not be classed as deliberate - this is how these boys play... they know no other way. An ambitious musical path they walk. The beauty is they are going to get better and with more live experience this will make these guys a force to be reckoned with.

Book these guys in your town they will show you a trick or two.


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