The Quantus Earthquake Start 'em Young

Tue 15th March 2005


What strikes you first about this demo, from Wigan-based melodic rock band The Quantus Earthquake, is the vocalist - his is a powerful voice that dominates the sound for large passages of this five tracker. It's a blessing and a curse. At times you bemoan his unchanging, over-done style, but at others it's perfectly suited to the often understated music created by his band mates.

The music in question seems to flit between indie, grunge and stoner rock. Yet at times you fear we're closing in on 'college rock' territory - 'No Shoes' being a good example - despite starting off with a mellow Blind Melon style it inevitably breaks into the big powerful ending. It's all a bit too overblown, really.

Thankfully, particularly towards the demo's end, it's not all so bad - 'La Kameda' has too much balls for the likes of The Counting Crows. And the final track, 'Death Roll' is the true highlight, a cheap thrill exercise in full-on stoner rock a la early Orange Goblin, with its deliciously fast, heavy riff.

The Quantus Earthquake are on something of a musical tightrope, judging by 'Start 'Em Young'. Here's hoping they fall off on the right side.


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