Winnebago Deal Fez Club, Sheffield, 10/02/2004

Fri 8th October 2004


What this venue lacks in way of a decent bar, it more than makes up for in terms of sound. At times it's hard not to check that it is just the two of them up there filling the room with this glorious racket.

Yet Winnebago Deal are much more than a novelty two-piece garage-rock revival band. Sounding like a cross between Fu Manchu and Nebula (and don't tell me there's no difference!), with a hint of Black Flag for good measure, WD create an impressive, entertaining wall of noise, while appearing to thoroughly enjoy themselves throughout.

WD are operating in quite a prospective niche at the moment - gaining support from the more investigative White Stripes fans while attracting the attention of heavier rock fans - their support slots are testament to this fact, ranging from Ash to The Blood Brothers. Yet longevity maybe a problem for the band, operating in a genre not know for its innovation. How WD get around this problem, we'll have to wait and see. But for now, make sure you catch them as soon as possible, before they're playing in larger venues less suited to their sound.


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