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ArtOfBurningWater / BaxterStockman / Famine / TheWub.Leeds.19th June

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    • Big Spaceship​ and No Fun Intended​ are proud to present an evening of unadulterated, bombastic heaviness....

      Art of burning water​
      For a more than a decade now, AOBW have been creating some of the most concentrated ear-splitting guff no other band has achieved, at least not quite to the extent of these guys. Prolific in the greatest sense of the word, true champions of the underground. On average they release something new every year, whether that be a split 7" with some obscure European powerviolence band or full length LP through their guitarists own self-run label Superfi Records.
      By some bands standards this isn't much, but they've accomplished this feat with no major backing or 'hype machine'.
      "Art Of Burning Water are outsiders in the truest sense of the word AND VERY PROUD TO STAND OUTSIDE THE GOLDEN CIRCLE OF YOUR LOVE."
      None of these principals would have any importance however if they didn't provide, and lets face it, they more than provide. Once you think you've eaten your cake, another slice appears, but this time its a proper pudding with custard and everything.
      They've played with countless bands over the years with a collection of names that would make anyone blush; Melt Banana, Enablers, Taint, Burnt By The Sun, Moloch, Conan, Weekend Nachos, Afternoon Gentlemen and loads more.

      Their most recent LP was released 2014 through Riot Season (Hey Colossus, Bad Guys, Henry Blacker) entitled: 'Living Is For Giving, Dying Is For Getting'.
      Just under 20mins of pure frenetic head and heartache that sends shivers through the chakras and bursts every spiritual synapse connecting you to the netherworlds. Think Knut but not as techy, Alpinist but not as clear cut, basically its like nothing really, nothing but a lesson in how to do it right.

      "Who the fuck are these guys and where the fuck did they get the balls to create something so fucking good?"
      - Joseph Collins, CVLT Nation

      "Nothing less than a sonic monstering"
      - Rock-A-Rolla

      Famine are a Leeds Grind band featuring members of The Afternoon Gentleman, Rectal Implosion, Sloth Hammer, Dog Eggs, Katnip and probably a couple others I have (understandably) missed out due to their pro-active nature in the heavy underground.
      Famine's sound exists somewhere between Napalm Death and The Bonzo Dog Band.
      Listen here:

      Baxter Stockman​
      On tour with AOBW, Baxter Stockman are a three-piece noise rock group from Helsinki, Finland.
      FFO. Qui, Jesus Lizard, Arabrot, Amphetamine Reptile Records

      "Favouring a lithe, trebly sound that dispenses with the heft of their peers and jabs you repeatedly in the neck rather than just stamping once hard on your face. The guitar parts crawl and lurk, reminiscent of the Jesus Lizard or some of the snakier, more aggro moments presented by bands like Crain, Rodan or the Shipping News while anchorage is provided by glutinous lumps of bass gloop that slide and slump ominously in the background."
      - Collective Zine​

      Their album "Punter' is available via Kult of Nihilow or Ektro Records
      Listen and Download via Bandcamp:

      THE WUB
      Power Trio from Leeds. Consisting of members from Monster Killed By Laser, No Guts and Cleckhuddersfax.
      Think Minutemen, Cardiacs, X. Awesome band, rich heritage.

      Friday 19th June
      The Packhorse Pub​
      doors 19:30
      £4 advance / £5 on the door

      Tickets available soon via Wegottickets and Skiddle.
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    • This is on FRIDAY. Get down early for THE WUB.

      Dont miss this, Baxter Stockman are coming all the way from Finland and are going to be bloody ace.
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