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Dr Crazy - Demon Lady

    •  MazzMazz

      Please say hello to Dr CRAZY, a brand new international heavy rock n roll band featuring Mazz (Groan) on vocals, Chris West (ex-Trippy Wicked) on guitar and bass, and Tony Reed (Mos Generator) on drums.

      The band’s first EP Demon Lady gets a digital release through Superhot Records and is available with immediate effect from the band’s Bandcamp:
      Demon Lady serves up just over 14 minutes of straight up good time heavy rock and will appeal to fans of AC/DC, Dr Feelgood, Deep Purple and generally having a good time. The band commissioned Justin T Coons to paint the fantastic 70s pulp fiction inspired artwork based on the title track.

      Live shows have not been ruled out but with one third of the band being based on a different continent to the others they won’t be happening soon. Dr CRAZY are currently working on demos for next EP which will be out as soon as it’s ready.

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    •  alanalan
    • Haha, something told me this was a Mazz thread before I even opened it.

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