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Promo and tour help required...

    •  Tim HolehouseTim Holehouse
    • Ok i'm pretty shit at promo... but I have some releases that need promotion.

      So reviewer friends at magazines and webzines... only if you are gonna review it I will send the vinyl versions to you if you mail me your address...

      Firstly I need some reviews of the latest double gatefold album of TCH.

      I also have a new split/collaboration Lp with my friend Ashtoreth from Antwerp in Belgium.

      I also have 4 new tape splits with raxil4, Strange Forces, Neur(o)n and A million squeeks will do you no harm.

      if your interested mail me via facebook or timothycholehouse (at) G

      I have one more collaboration with Banana Pill (from Finland) and a final album to come.

      And am booking the last few live shows before I kill off TCH at the end of 2014.

      Kind regards

      TCH (timothy c holehouse)
    •  Tim HolehouseTim Holehouse
    • The end is nigh!!!

      So this week i will be under taking a tour with my friend from Bulgaria in the Uk and a bit of the mainland...

      Then i will playing with my buddy Ashtoreth in Antwerp to launch our new 12" split/ Collabortation LP!

      Then May i will be heading to Scandinavia and The Baltics...

      But UK folks I'm booking the final shows... so if your interested get in touch...

      I will be undertaking my final bits of touring as TCH (timothy c holehouse) as I will be ending the project at the end of 2014. For the time being to concentrate on my blues/song writing material that I may add elements of the experimental and drone material to this... or do another project I have not decided yet.

      But I really want to round off the TCH (timothy c holehouse) project with a couple tours with two sets of very good friends of mine and also the last two collaborative works I will be realising before the final album.

      I will therefore be touring the UK firstly with my friends Banana Pill (a Russian couple who are now based in Finland)

      Banana Pill will be touring the UK with me between 28th June to 5th July

      Then Later in the year in September my very good friend Ashtoreth will be touring with me. We have recently released our new 12" record and would really love the opportunity to play this live.

      Ashtoreth will be in the UK from 4th september to 14th september

      Here is links to all the music with some descriptions if you want any more information let me know...

      Ashtoreth/ TCH Collaboration sample...

      ASHTORETH (Belgium)

      ASHTORETH is a one man's journey into the unknown, exploring new sonic landscapes
      with every single live performance, sometimes accompanied by projected film.
      'It can be mellow, meandering layers and layers of guitar with very subtle delay and loop trickery. Dreamlike soundscapes in slow-motion. But Ashtoreth can
      burst out in a noise frenzy as well with guitars that get thrown around and get violated with a large kitchen knife, resulting in aggressive feedback and ultra
      low bass tone attacks. Sometimes itߣs the former, at others itߣs the latter and often we get treated both. On this debut record Pelican Avenue Records
      presents us the more subtle side of Ashtorethsߣ amplifier worship recorded live at a Paris fashion show (if you donߣt find him in basements, attics, hipster
      bars, punk shows or living rooms I guess youߣll have to look for him at the Paris fashion week!). Soft, subtle, twinkling guitar layers from a guy that knows.

      Banana Pill (Finland)
      Banana Pill is a family duo based in Helsinki, Finland.
      Distant melodies and ancient rhythms.
      Peaceful vibes broken by dissonance.

      Releases include a handful of tapes and cd-rߣs on various small labels (Full of Nothing, Jozik, Mineral tapes etc.).

      Music video:

      ...And of course me.

      TCH (Timothy C Holehouse)
      The Music by TCH is subjected in morality, hope, despair, space, place
      and awareness within the world and immense universe. With textural
      soundscapes and vast crescendos the main focus of many of the pieces
      signatures. Movements and pieces rise and fall using variation of
      instrumentation and emotions.

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