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Load of 7" and 10" records for sale peeps!

    •  mikemike
    • Right, getting rid of a lot of 7" and 10" records here, feel free to make offers but I roughly know how much some of this is worth:

      In no order:


      Burning Love - s/t
      Black Dice - s/t
      Today Is The Day- The Man Who Loved To Hurt Himself
      Al Qaeda - Collaborative Works (Mike Watt and friends)
      Kevin Hewick - Feathering The Nest
      Citizens - s/t (nice artwork, a duplicate!)
      The Death of Her Money - Scandinavian Accent (duplicate copy!)
      The Set Up/Wow, Owls! - split (clear red)
      Song of Zarathustra - bote des zornes
      Lovvers - s/t
      Thoughtforms- Only Hollow (clear purple)
      Funeral Shock - III
      Fighting Shit - Tuned For Thrash
      Witchfynde - Give Em Hell
      Graveyards- Untitled lathe cut 7" (Members of Wolf Eyes doing creepy ambient)
      iwasacubscout - Our Smallest Adventures
      iwasacubscout - I Hate Nightclubs
      iwasacubscout - Pink Squares
      iwasacubscout - Pink Squares (3x7" ltd edition gatefold)
      Can - I Want More... And More
      Bacchus - s/t (green)


      Funeral Diner - The Wicked EP
      Mass Movement of the Moth - Final
      Moloch - s/t (black, on Feast of Tentacles)
      Perth Express - s/t (transparent/red swirl)
    •  Tino InsanaTino Insana
    • How much you want for the Moloch 10"?
    •  mikemike
    • Mike from Nasian beat you to it mate!
    •  PodgePodge
    • I might have a copy of that Moloch going spare
    •  Tino InsanaTino Insana
    • No worries Mike. PM us on it Podge?
    •  mikemike
    • A lot of these are still for sale!

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