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    •  PetePete
    • I'm in Manchester for tonight's Graveyard gig so have been to Vinyl Exchange, Piccadilly Records and HMVand spent some of ny birthday money on...

      Troubled Horse - Step Inside
      Diagonal - The Second Mechanism
      Red Fang - Murder the Mountains
      Colour Haze - She Said

      Now sat in the Crescent pub in Salford in front of a fire drinkig Guinness :)
    •  EggyEggy
    • I'd have liked to have seen Red Fang last night in Manchester, if I wouldn't have seen MONO on sunday.

      I am know listening to MONO, on spotify. I will in due course by one of their albums, once I've decided which one to go for. They sound a good band to listen to on a cold, winters day.
    •  PetePete
    • Boris are in Manchester tonight as well as Graveyard, it's getting healthily busy here nowadays.
    •  EggyEggy
    • Yes, would have been good to see Mono and Boris within the same week.

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