•  slack mammothslack mammoth
    • Short UK tour in February. Hope to see some of you guys in Sheffield. Old-school Stoner/Doom crew meet-up...

      “Witchsorrow are a revelation...” Zero Tolerance (UK)
      “None can resist the power of their riffs...” Terrorizer (UK)
      "It is everything a doom-head could ever want" - 10/10, The Metal Observer
      "One of the best doom offerings of the year" - 9/10, Terrorizer
      "A masterclass in British doom metal" - 9/10, Ave Noctum
      "This is some of the most punishing doom you will hear all year" - 9/10, Bring The Noise
      “I keep wading my body through the muddy slough of mourning that Witchsorrow have prepared, and revel in tracks drenched in bitter grief and despair. 10/10!” Doom Metal Front (DE)
    •  PetePete
    • yes, party time at the riverside.

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