•  PetePete
    • I guess so - potentially a big space. I wonder how they'll stop Stage 2 becoming even more of a corridor though?

      They've said that 1 and 2 will alternate as last year, but 3 may have overlaps with the other two.
    •  ChrisCChrisC
    • I Imagine there will be some kind of one way system!

      You guys are about 20 mins away from the gaff if you are in the same appartments as we used last time not far, they have a car park and let us stash all out gear in the office before we checked in anyway!

    •  Dave_AHCWDave_AHCW
    • This looks brilliant. I shall definitely be in attendance.
    •  PetePete
    • Final few bands announced today...


      Particularly chuffed about Ghold. Got a lot of discovery to do in the next 2 months.
    •  mikemike
    • Gona be great, glad these last few are unknowns to me, might just check them out at the festival itself.

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