•  PetePete
    • I've attended 17 or 18 gigs (depending if I count my mate's grunge covers band at his own wedding :) ) which isn't as many as I used to, but a lot more than my first year of parenthood 2012. One more to go - small matter of Black Sabbath...

      Here's some random picks from my gig year:

      Favourite venue - Deaf Institute, Manchester (for Kadavar).

      Never heard of before the gig and loved - Bright Curse (supporting Trippy Wicked, who were brilliant).

      Best all round gig - Conan, Humanfly, Bongripper, Trudger, Ivory Tusks at DQ, Sheffield.

      Seen for first time, didn't disappoint - Throne, Love Hurts.

      Drunkest - Eyehategod at Corp, and dancing like idiots with Mike, Si and Eggy afterwards.

      Spine tingly moments - Whitewater by Vista Chino, Torche ending their set with lots off s/t.

      Surprise entranced moment - Vasa, not my thing at all, just gripped me in a trippy brilliant way during their Tye Die Tapes HQ set. It was only for 5 mins but it was memorable.

      Jeckyll and Hyde set - Admiral Sir Cloudseley Shovell (supporting OG) - loved the big riff rock, not so keen on the cockney-Ramones songs.

      Best local bands seen - Berserkowitz, The Slow Blade, Froth.

      Please share your year's highlights (it obviously doesn't have to follow my headings!)
    •  sabbathfansabbathfan
    • Maiden at Donington - wanted to tick that off on my list for years, and it was a very special event. Great setlist, fantastic performance [as one expects from them].

      Also went to see them a few weeks later at the O2 which was almost as good.

      Soundgarden at Brixton Academy in September - fantastic show, interesting setlist. Had seen them at Download 2012 but this was much better. Made me want to be a performing artist of some kind because it looked a lot of fun.

      Muse at the Emirates in May - one of the best live bands in the world right now with a range of brilliant songs and a phenomenal live show, very theatrical. Total progressive rock amazingness.

      Rammstein at Donington - their live show is unreal, though I'm only a casual fan of their stuff.

      Down at Donington - One of those bands who are decent on record but sound much more organic live and consequently are much more enjoyable in that environment. Not quite as amazing as they were in 2010 but still great.

      St Vitus at the Garage in March - I've seen all three of the 'classic' 80s doom bands now - Candlemass, Trouble, St Vitus - and though the other two were good St Vitus were just incredible. Again, I like their studio stuff but live they are phenomenal and considering they've been around for 30 years plus they put most newer bands to shame. Very tight performance, the whole group were just on it. I've seen Sabbath six times with various line-ups so far and with the exception of the 2007 Brighton show that Vitus gig beat the lot of them.

      Mothertrucker last night at The Miller were good as well, though I've only just started to get into them. I generally don't listen to much instrumental music but their material works for me as they keep the riff central to the songs a la Sabbath, and they also had some very Hawkwind style soloing as well.
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    •  mambamamba
    • Been a very quiet year for me, gig wise, Desertfest being the obvious highlight.
    •  mikemike
    • Cult of Luna/Rosetta at Damnation was pretty special

      Sleepers/Vasa at MADE

      Hiram at homeMADE

      Carson Wells and Kaddish

      Enablers in Nottingham

      Mogwai in Cambrige

      All of ArcTanGent but probably Manatees and Dragged Into Sunlight/Talons

      Nordic Giants at ArcTanGent and then again at Bohunk in Notts.

      Low at the Rescue Rooms

      Vasa at Tye Die Tapes

    •  JohnJohn
    • Bad Guys / Throne / Gum Takes Tooth (Shacklewell Arms) - funnest gig of the year, all the crowd were up for it and very boozy.

      Gravetemple (Cafe Oto) - drone gigs with seating are the way forward.

      The Long Haul / Goodtime Boys (The Black Heart) - final show for the shortlived band, intense, great crowd.

      Visions Festival (London Fields) - new one day fest, highlights being Jackson Scott, Iceage and Fucked Up

      ATP End of an Era Part One (Pontins) - despite the accommodation, enjoyable festival particularly Scout Niblett and Dinosaur Jr

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